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St. Charles Advanced Therapy & Counseling is committed to providing advanced therapy services that are accessible and affordable. Our therapists in St Charles, Illinois are highly trained, talented, and compassionate. We believe in possibilities—and we empower you to realize yours. Contact the therapists St Charles IL residents trust, today!

Melissa Hill, LCSW, ACHT, Founder

There are many layers to who we are. Therapy is about peeling back the layers that consist of old conclusions and old ways of coping that hold us back from growing. Working with us, we’ll uncover, discover and discard these layers together!

WE ARE DIFFERENT because we use specialized techniques that set us apart from the crowd. Specifically, St. Charles Advanced Therapy offers EMDR, heart-centered hypnotherapy, past-life regressions, breathwork, professional and personal coaching, couples therapy, and subtle energy healing. These tools are an excellent way to accelerate your healing thereby reducing the length of time you need to be in therapy. Through a powerful combination of traditional talk therapy and psychodynamic techniques, we get initial results in weeks versus the many months it normally takes other therapists.

Counseling & Therapy Services

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Psychotherapy is the most popular and common form of therapy and counseling. Many people find that...

EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy is recommended for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and it is used for a variety of...

Couples Therapy

Conflict occurs between couples on various levels, ranging from small spats to large arguments. These...

Professional & Personal Coaching

Coaching ‘beyond the person’ acknowledges that an individual does not stand isolated and alone. We believe...


Hypnotherapy is the practice of psychotherapy with a client who is in the hypnotic altered state of consciousness...

Support Groups

We offer group therapy and support for Adolescents, Adults, and Parents. Whether you are looking for...

Therapists in St Charles, IL

WE ARE DIFFERENT because we have advanced training and expertise. The term ‘ADVANCED’ in our name speaks volumes. You can trust our staff has 25+ years of clinical expertise in their area of focus.

We provide counseling services in a confidential setting to individuals (ages 14+), couples, and families in beautiful downtown St. Charles near the Fox River in Kane County, Illinois. Your privacy is our #1 concern and you will feel welcomed the minute you walk in our door.