Sarah Blomquist, LCSW, CN


Meet Sarah:

With experience in trauma-based therapy and crisis intervention, Sarah is trained in treating many types of difficulties and hurdles that have had a negative effect on many lives. Sarah has extensive experience with addiction, anxiety, depression and PTSD. Sarah uses a psychodynamic and strengths-based approach with her clients most often. She focuses on empowerment by overcoming traumatic events and beliefs via the creation of new thought patterns and strong boundaries where needed.

Sarah’s biggest passion is helping those inflicted by the dysfunction caused in narcissistic relationships that often involve emotional abuse and gaslighting.  These issues are often fostered during one’s childhood and tend to trickle into adulthood. She focuses her time and attention initially using the tools of the 5 Love Languages and personality types to help clients identify the combination of attachment traumas and limiting beliefs that have created barriers to their wellness.  In addition, Sarah has continued her education and training to become a Certified Nutritionist as well as a Gottman Institute trained couples therapist to better help partners and families in need. Her passion lies in helping clients who feel stuck and need a space of trust, authenticity, compassion and empowerment.

Sarah is available for individual, couples and family therapy, both in-person and via secure Telehealth. You may contact Sarah at